My dearest diary, this will be my first diary.
I’d like to start with a confession: I’ve been feeling so overwhelmed lately. In this fast-paced, hyper-connected digital world, glamorous updates keep rolling in. Can I ever keep up? 😞
Every digital turn I take, there are companies bombarding me with new arrivals, one after the after, which supposedly meant to make our lives better. But is it? Is it making our life better or developing a new want that we never really truly needed?
Every time I open the social media, there are my favourite bloggers posting photos of their perfect life and showing off their fabulous new outfits. I find myself be put on the repeat mode:
“That bag looks so nice on her, maybe I should get one?”
“Oh wait! This one seems nice too. Which one should I get??”
“Does the bag only look nice with the dress she is wearing? Should I get the dress too?”
I love and hate the fact that they always have new clothes, new bags and new shoes to wear every day and they don’t even wear the same earrings twice! I want to keep up but maybe I’m just not enough…


One day, I started to have this thought🤔: to slow down the pace and build a platform that provides a tranquil escape from this fast-fashion madness.
Then, me and my team came up with the name My Dearest, simply because everything we have here, are the ones we actually wear and love in our daily life. And we hope you do too.
At My Dearest, we won’t be sending overwhelming emails just to squeeze every dollar out of you, but taking time to add a hint of personal touch by hearing and serving your real needs. We want you to be comfortable and not anxious.   
At My Dearest, we won’t be posting numerous new arrivals every day, but taking time to style single piece across a variety of occasions, with tips and tricks for different body shapes. We want you to cultivate your unique personal style.
We will do this through this diary and through every other chance we have with you. 💗

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